Upcoming MatchesOn this page you can find all the matches being played on NFLBITE and what are the live scores of these games absolutely in real time display. You can also check the schedule of upcoming matches by clicking on "Upcoming Matches" button below while you will also be able to the match results of matches which are already played by clickong on "Match Results"
Live Scoreshowever if you want to follow the latest matches being played live at the moment you can click on "Live scores" AT NFLBITE button and it will take you to the matches which are currently being played. You can toggle the live score on and off with the button. Along with the live scores, you can also watch live streaming links of matches being played at the moment by clicking on the match.
Match Results once you click on the match it will take you to the dedicated links thread of NFLBITE page and it will be easy for you to fillow the live action of the match from there on.