Stream Live NFL Matches for Free with NFLBITE VPN-Free Site

Stream Live NFL Matches for Free with NFLBITE VPN-Free Site

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The National Football League is the sport that Americans watch the most. NFL games are broadcasted on a variety of cable channels, paid streaming services, and free live streaming websites during the course of the season. You might discover that NFL live streams are only accessible to U.S. fans if you're watching Super Bowl Sunday on your laptop, phone, or SmartTV.

You'll need a U.S. IP address to watch your favourite teams, which you can easily get by utilising a VPN. Moreover, due to NordVPN's top speeds, privacy features, and money-back guarantee, we highly recommend it. Additionally, NordVPN provides superior security against invasive tracking and peevish third parties on unprotected web domains. All set to take the pitch? We've compiled a list of the top free NFL streams in HD that are trustworthy.

Before visiting these sites, you'll need a VPN, whether it's for security or privacy. Remember that several of the below-mentioned websites may host streams that aren't authorised. To be sure you can view these, always check your local regulations!

1. 123TV

123TV is one of the top favourite among fans of free sports streaming. The good news for NFL fans is that they offer a whole subpage devoted to free live broadcasts of NFL games. You don't need to know what channel your NFL game is being broadcast on because the interface is arranged by channel rather than by content.

ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports 1 and 2, and the NFL Network all have live feeds available on 123TV. You won't be distracted by adverts or needless redirects on this website because the streams open directly on the page. HBO, ABC, and Disney Channel are just a few of the channels available on 123TV in addition to these features.


  • Complete broadcasts of NFL games
  • Limited advertisements and high-quality streaming that play inside the website


  • Webpage connection that is not secure

  • No game schedule is available

  • Doesn’t host content, therefore it's possible for streams to be seen that would be regarded as unlawful

2. DaddyLiveHD

Following USTVGO's demise in early 2023, DaddyLiveHD has become a well-liked alternative for sports streamers. It is simple to use and doesn't obstruct the viewing experience with excessive advertisements. All the main networks that broadcast NFL games, including NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and the NFL Network, are included in its dedicated schedule of forthcoming events.

Links are dependable and typically in great definition, despite the UI maybe being a touch antiquated. A effective ad-blocker will normally prevent the one pop-up commercial you have to deal with per stream. Of course, DaddyLiveHD covers a variety of topics. More than 310 channels from the US, EU, and Latin America are available on them. While you can stream on some of these channels


  • Large number of live TV channels
  • Next sports event schedule, including NFL game times
  • Most of the time, NFL streaming channels are operational


  • Unauthorised streaming service
  • when you open the stream, pop-up advertising


Users of the website Stream2Watch can watch NFL games live through TV streams. The streaming links on Stream2Watch have historically shown to be very dependable and of great quality. You must register for a free account in order to view them. Furthermore, Stream2Watch gathers links from various websites and platforms, unlike some of the other websites we've featured.

Broken links or being redirected to an NFL stream that is prohibited in your country can result when a website doesn't truly host the video. The availability of high-quality NFL streams makes the site a respectable choice, despite occasionally intrusive advertisements and broken links. Baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing, and cricket are also available to you.


  • Access to all NFL games
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Dependable streams and links


  • Some links might be faulty or illegal in some nations
  • Lots much intrusive advertising; account creation required to stream


You may watch NFL online via LiveTV, a website with a Russian presence that has been operational since 2006. It has established itself as one of the web's most dependable streaming services. Although it was formerly exclusively available in Russian, it is now possible to explore in a number of languages, including English.

A half-hour before kickoff, live TV broadcasts NFL games. When consumers first visit the website, it can be a bit difficult to understand and navigate, but it's not too difficult. Moreover, users can select their favourite sport by clicking it under Upcoming Broadcasts. They can choose American football on a bigger page of scheduled broadcasts if they click on the soccer or boxing icons, for instance.


  • Complete broadcasts of NFL games
  • Scores for link quality and dependability
  • Benefits of opening an account include better betting odds


  • Unlicensed streaming on a Russian-based website might be banned in several regions

  • Webpage connection that is not secure

  • The website is not the simplest to use.

5. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is another free sports streaming option that gives access to the NFL, despite what the name might imply. They offer NFL streams from many sources when you go to their Free Football TV page (under American Football).

They also provide a tonne of football, rugby and cricket matches that fans may access in addition to NFL matches. The website is divided into sections by matches, teams, and channels and has a very user-friendly interface that makes it simple to explore. Browseable scores from previous games are also available. Visitors to the site during a live game can view all of the current live sporting events.


  • Team and game alerts.

  • Complete NFL coverage Mobile-friendly Drawbacks.


  • Does not host material, making streaming potentially illegal in several nations.
  • Geo-restrictions demand a VPN.
  • Accentuate other sports besides NFL


The NFL Bites website was made by the original creators of the subreddit r/NFLStreams. Around 30 minutes prior to kickoff, broadcasts become live, and the website offers a selection of trustworthy streams to choose from. You have several more backup choices if one fails for some reason.

These matches are streamed from websites owned by streamers all across the world. Although the website asserts that its streamers have been carefully screened and chosen, there is no way to ensure your online security and safety. Even though the homepage is protected, before diving into the sea of NFL broadcasts it offers, think about buying a VPN. Even a reliable free VPN is preferable to none at all.


  • Website focuses on the NFL
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Trustworthy streams


  • Third-party streams may include material that is prohibited in your country.
  • Security is not assured
  • Links might be removed

7. CricFree TV

Cricfree offers a wide variety of live sports broadcasts, including NFL games, even if cricket events are the main reason streaming enthusiasts utilise it. Simply click the American football emblem when you arrive at their homepage. Live coverage of any NFL games will be posted in this area.

You could also run across intrusive pop-up adverts using CricFreeTV. You might also be led to websites with more pop-up advertising or geo-blocked live streaming of games because the website doesn't host its own content. By utilising your VPN to connect to a server located in the United States or Canada, you can unblock blocked content.


  • The user interface is simple

  • Full NFL coverage

  • On the site, live games are neatly listed


  • Since the content is not hosted, it is conceivable that it is unlicensed, which may be against the law in your nation
  • Geo-restricted links require a VPN
  • Distracting pop-ups

NFL games are broadcast on the following channels

American television networks are accessible through these free streaming websites. Various sports channels carry Thursday Night Football, Sunday day games, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football from the NFL.You may watch NFL live broadcasts on the following channels when you visit these websites:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • NFL Network
  • ESPN FOX Sports NBC Sports FOX Sports 2
  • NFL The Network RedZone

How to live stream NFL games using a VPN ?

Need to unblock American content or for security reasons? For your purposes in live streaming, here's how to use one.

  • Get a VPN with a reputation for live sports viewing. We can suggest NordVPN for watching the NFL. The lightning-fast American servers, dependable connections, and top-notch security mechanisms of this service are well-known
  • Create an account and install the VPN on the device you plan to use to stream live NFL games. Tablets, smartphones, SmartTVs, laptops, and PCs are all compatible with NordVPN
  • Use the login information you created when signing up to login
  • Join a server in the United States. With NordVPN, there are several options
  • Visit any of the aforementioned platforms to access all the NFL hits you can handle

How to Safely Stream Free NFL Games Online?

Free NFL streaming services lack complete security. There is no way to verify where the broadcasts actually come from, despite the fact that many of the websites claim to have taken them from the public domain. Additionally, when watching your favourite teams battle, you could have to deal with pop-up ads and cookies that put your data in jeopardy. Make use of a VPN and powerful antivirus software to protect your device and your data. Your phone or computer will be scanned by antivirus software for any harmful items you could have unintentionally downloaded. Contrarily, a VPN will encrypt your data to prevent tracking of your online activity.

Should I Watch Free NFL Games Online?

With agreements with the NFL, paid streaming services like SlingTV and FuboTV are able to show live football games in their local markets. Many websites that provide free streaming don't operate in this way. Unofficial streaming platforms and websites frequently search for streams coming from other nations. Depending on where you're streaming from, you run the danger of accessing an illicit feed because they are not authorised by the NFL. Due to its enormous popularity, the NFL Live Streams subreddit had to be taken down. Online piracy is the term used in several nations to describe the violation of copyrighted content. The following is a brief summary of some fundamental piracy viewpoints across the globe.